April 19, 2014
  • Promoting nonviolence and protecting human rights defenders since 1981
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Our volunteers accompany human rights defenders in conflict areas

PBI has protected the lives of hundreds of activists: our accompaniment creates space for local activists to work.

PBI's volunteers embody international concern for human rights on the ground.

PBI has been promoting nonviolence and protecting human rights since 1981.

PBI accompanying in the field

What we do

PBI provides protection, support and recognition to human rights defenders who face violent reprisals because of the work they do. Read more about our work.

DAFUA Nepali women's rights group

People we protect

A human rights defender is somebody who works nonviolently to promote and protect the human rights of others. Read about the brave people we help to protect.

PBI accompanying in Curburadó

Where we work

PBI protects human rights defenders in:

Eduardo Carreño, Colombian lawyer

Alliance for Lawyers at Risk

Help ensure that lawyers and other human rights defenders can work for the rights of others and the rule of law, without fearing for their lives.

Join the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk.

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Help us protect the Peace Community and other human rights defenders at risk. Thank you!

Bearing Witness - a short film about PBI

This five minute film produced by Alan Ereira for PBI UK is an excellent short introduction to the work of PBI and how protective acompaniment works to protect human rights defenders who are threatened with violence. Watch the video.

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